The Elements

At Trinity Academy Cathedral, the quality of teaching and Learning remains the ‘single most important thing’ we do, and we are committed to delivering this to every child, in every lesson, throughout every day. 

Our model for Teaching and Learning – The Elements –  has developed from the shared pedagogy model across the Trinity Multi Academy Trust, but has been tailored to the needs of our unique student cohort and the talents of our staff team.

The Elements are the five key ingredients of successful learning in the classroom, and these are driven by The Mechanisms, which describe the process in which learning happens in the brain over time. Teaching is an unforgivably complex job which requires intelligent synthesis of practical strategies, cognitive science, human empathy, domain-specific knowledge, and a healthy dose of creative problem solving and response to the unexpected. We embrace this complexity (we can’t pretend that the learning process is simple!), but we also try to create clarity and coherence through the language of The Elements and our consistent habits and routines.

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