PSHE at Cathedral equips all students with key skills and knowledge that will support them throughout their lives. Students will develop age appropriate understanding relating to three key areas: healthy relationships, health and wellbeing, and living in the wider world. The curriculum has been developed in line with the Relationships, Sex and Health Education government statutory guidance (2020), the citizenship national curriculum and the PSHE Association.

The curriculum will support the safeguarding of students. They will explore issues including sexual consent, domestic violence and abuse, and mental health, to ensure they can safeguard themselves and protect their emotional wellbeing. This has been developed to an age appropriate manner. Alongside this, form times, assemblies, workshops and drop down days across the year provide opportunities for students to reflect on contemporary issues that they may face including county lines, radicalisation and knife crime.

The PSHE provision aims to:

  • Develop students’ confidence in sharing their own thoughts and opinions
  • Develop skills and attributes to keep themselves healthy and safe
  • Develop an attitude of a responsible and considerate global citizen
  • Build positive, respectful relationships with other people
  • Equip students with the skills to support them during life’s challenges.


Year 7

Term 1 – Transition and Safety

Term 2 – Health and Puberty

Term 3 – Diversity in the UK

Term 4 – Skills and Aspiration

Term 5 – Building Relationships

Term 6 – Financial Decision Making

Term 1 – Exploring Drugs and Alcohol

Term 2 – Community and Career

Term 3 – Exploring Discrimination

Term 4 – Exploring Emotional Wellbeing

Term 5 – Identity and Relationships

Term 6 – Digital Literacy

Term 1 – Peer Influence

Term 2 – Exploring Intimate Relationships

Term 3 – Prevent

Term 4 – Exploring Healthy Lifestyles

Term 5 – Respectful Relationships

Term 6 – Goal Setting

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