Our commitment

At Trinity Academy Cathedral we have an unswerving commitment to ensuring equality and abolishing discrimination for every member of our school community, regardless of sex, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment and pregnancy. We celebrate the positive contribution that diversity brings to our community and work tirelessly to ensure all members can participate fully in all parts of academy life. We do this through various mediums:

  • Our Christian ethos and four core values
  • Our BfL policy supports staff to challenge any discriminatory behaviour and a zero tolerance approach to bullying
  • Our student composed pledge for equality and equality ambassadors
  • Curriculum subjects including PSHE and RS teach about the value of diversity in Britain and the dangers of discriminating and stereotyping on the basis of any of the protected characteristics
  • Form time and collective worship with pertinent themes such as anti-bullying week, pride month, Ramadan and the power of words. Students are taught about the importance of British values and respecting the protected characteristics in relation to achieving equality for all
  • The Chaplaincy and academy Chaplain work to support some of our most vulnerable students
  • INVOLVE after school clubs with members of different ages, genders and sexual orientation
  • Clear information and protocols embedded to support our LGBTQ+ community
  • ‘Call it out’ student reporting system of any form of harassment or discrimination – Click here to ‘call out’ any forms of harassment or discrimination
  • Regular student voice to inform new initiatives and practices.

In our most recent SIAMS inspection, we were awarded ‘Outstanding’ and were praised on the ‘character development and the spiritual growth of all, irrespective of age and background’ evidencing our dedication to providing ‘a place where we all belong.’

Our Objectives

In relation to Achievement:

  • We are committed to improving the attainment of vulnerable groups of students, including students with Special Educational Needs, students with disabilities and those entitled to Free School Meals so that the gap between their attainment and that of other students is narrowed.
  • We will aim to raise aspirations among children and young people, their parents and communities and raise awareness of career and higher education opportunities, to challenge stereotypes.

In relation to Teaching and Learning:

  • We will ensure that our curriculum (including our programme of enrichment and extracurricular activities) actively is broad and balanced and provides opportunities for all students and promotes understanding between different groups of people, cultures and societies.
  • Our curriculum will include an element of PSHE education that tackles stereotypes and challenges students’ perceptions.

In relation to Behaviour and Safety:

  • We will maintain a rigorous anti-bullying stance so that all students and staff, including those with protected characteristics, are protected from harassment and discrimination of all kinds.
  • We will ensure the promotion of our Christian values and British values through our curriculum. This will support and develop our students into responsible citizens of the future.
  • Our Behaviour for Learning policies will outline how we will deal with students who use discriminatory, homophobic or otherwise offensive language.

In relation to Leadership and Management:

  • We will demonstrate our commitment to equality and diversity through consistent application of our policies and procedures.
  • We will ensure that our systems for recruiting, retaining and managing staff (and potential applicants) support all those in groups protected by the Equalities Act.
  • We will undertake equality assessments of all new and existing policies and procedures.
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