Summer School Report

We are delighted that we were able to hold a Summer School for 147 of our new Year 7 students in the first week of the summer break. Students had a fantastic experience participating in a mixture of academic, creative, and sports-based lessons. They completed lessons in maths, reading, science, humanities, French, computing, design technology, art, music, and drama throughout the week. They also participated in enrichment activities every day with a variety of physical challenges including team problem solving, ball sports, batting sports, athletics, and brilliant races on inflatable obstacle courses on the final day.

Every student had the opportunity to have a free breakfast, small break time snack and hot meal at lunchtime. All students who joined the summer school received a certificate of completion, a book, a stamped postcard to send us their book reviews, and summer school t-shirts. Special prizes were also awarded in each lesson throughout the week for standout contributions.

The week was an overwhelming success, and we were incredibly impressed and proud with the efforts and attitudes of our new students. A brilliant start to their Trinity Academy Cathedral journey – well done all!

Financial Summary

Total pupils attended 147
Total Funding £38,415.91
Funds spent on Staffing £27,551.96
Funds spent on Resources £10,863.95

Summer School Images

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
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