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For admission to Trinity Academy Cathedral (including CAPA Juniors), applications from Wakefield residents should be made via Wakefield Council’s online application system. Parents must have registered their child to sit the Fair Banding Assessment (see Admissions Supplemental Guidance for details).  Applications for CAPA Juniors must also have completed a CAPA Juniors Supplementary Information Form.

We admit 210 students per year into Year 7 and these places are awarded strictly in line with the terms of our Admissions policy which you can download from this page.

The Fair Banding and CAPA Juniors Supplementary Information Forms are now closed for registrations for 2024. The forms will reopen on Monday 17th June for registrations for 2025.

If you have any questions please use the contact us button below or e-mail us at A member of the transition team will then be in touch with you as soon as possible.

In-year transfers

Are you interested in applying for a place at Trinity Academy Cathedral?
You will need to complete the LA’s in-year school transfer form.

Any requests for an in-year transfer should be made through Wakefield Council, further details can be found on their website: Wakefield Council School Admissions

The Wakefield Council website outlines all the information you need to apply for an in-year place, however, please do feel free to contact us with any questions.


If your preference for a school place cannot be met, you have the right to appeal. All appeals are organised by Wakefield Council’s Committee Services Team. Your appeal should be submitted within 20 school days from the receipt of refusal. Please see the Wakefield Council School Admission Appeals website here for further details.

You are entitled to appeal when you wish your child to attend a particular school. An appeal is successful if the panel agree that the reasons for your appeal outweigh the school’s decision not to admit any more children.

If parents need more information about the online application process or have any other admission queries, the education authority can be contacted on 01924 305338

Fair Banding Explained (Video)

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