Mental Health

Our mental health is an extremely important part of our overall wellbeing. Where physical health is about how the body works, mental health is about how the mind works. This includes the way we feel, think, behave and cope with the things that happen in life, big or small.

Many people struggle with their mental health at some point in life. One in six children and young people are likely to have a mental health problem – that is one young person in each 6 person friendship group (The Children’s Society, 2021). When our mental health is poor, many things in life can become difficult, tiring, upsetting and lonely. If you are worried about your mental health, there are things you can do to improve the way you feel and help you cope.

Where to Find Support?

Have a look through the mental health resources below, by clicking on the links. These resources are designed to provide some quick information on various mental health problems, to help you understand them and remember you are not alone. There are also lots of strategies and tips on how to improve your mental health from home.

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