Healthy Eating

At Cathedral we promote the importance of establishing healthy eating habits from an early age. Students can enjoy a varied range of meals, snacks and drinks in our onsite Restaurant. Our dedicated team cook, bake and create food in-house.

We are pleased to offer a FREE healthy school breakfast every day from 8am, enjoying the benefits that brings, with children settled and ready to learn at the start of the school day. This is available to all and subsidised through support from Magic Breakfast. Evidence from the University of Leeds suggests that students who frequently eat breakfast achieve almost 2 GCSE grades more than those who do not.

Students have a half hour lunch split by year group, and are encouraged to make their way to the Restaurant when the bell goes so that they can make the most of their break. We do not allow food to be eaten in any of our classrooms or corridors, and students bringing a packed lunch will need to eat this in the Restaurant.

Please note that we are a Healthy School, and as part of this we ask that students do not bring in fizzy and energy drinks and ‘family sized’ and multi-packs of crisps, chocolate and other unhealthy items. Naturally, students are welcome to bring standard sized treat items and are encouraged to enjoy these as part of a balanced diet. We have water dispensers in the building so we encourage students to bring a refillable bottle.

My Child At School (MCAS) enables all parents to sign into a web account or download an Apple or Android app and access a range of information including data collection forms, parental consents, details of achievement points, behaviour points, academic reports, their child’s timetable and communications from the academy. As we move forward, text message will only be used for urgent messages and notifications.

Parents will also use MCAS to add money to their child’s dinner money account, purchase items and trips. By topping up your account your child will be able to use our cashless canteen to purchase food at break and lunchtime, by means of their student ID card and lanyard.

Once installed on a device, parents can log in using the email address the academy has recorded for them, if you do not think we have your most up to date email address please contact reception. For first time users or users who have forgotten their password, click the ‘Forgot password’ link and follow the instructions.

Please note that only contacts with parental responsibility should have access to the My Child at School app and that all children’s accounts in a family should be accessible through the same log in details. Please contact reception if you are having any problems accessing the app.

The academy would not prevent a child having a school meal. To have an overdrawn balance authorised a student must speak directly to their Student Liaison Officer or the attendance team.

We suggest that parents consider whether they may be eligible for Free School Meals. Students in receipt of FSM purchase their items in exactly the same way, and their account is topped up daily.

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