Curriculum Overview - CAPA Juniors

CAPA Juniors follow a unique pathway and their curriculum and options are different to those on the standard Cathedral Pathway. This curriculum is designed to support those with a talent in Performing Arts, helping them develop skills with an industry focus from their start in Year 7 all the way through to Year 11, but still retaining a key focus on core academic subjects. This is so students have the key skills, knowledge and understanding to progress to any form of further education, whether it is within Performing Arts or otherwise. The majority of CAPA Juniors lessons are taught with Cathedral Pathway students, with the exception of Performing Arts subjects.

The curriculum itself has 28 lessons in Years 7-10, and expands to 30 lessons in Year 11.

Example of  Phase 1 curriculum and the number of lessons per week. 

Maths – 4 lessons
English – 4 lessons
Science – 3 lessons
Religious Studies – 1 lesson
History – 2 lessons
Geography – 2 lessons
French – 2 lessons
Computing (Y7) – 1 lesson
Art (Y8) – 1 lesson
Dance/Drama/Music – 3 lessons of each

Curriculum Overview – Phase 2

Students make their phase 2 option choices at the end of Year 8 and have a choice of two option blocks to accompany their core subjects of English, maths, double or triple science, core RS, dance, drama and music.

All students choose between history, geography or French in the first option block.

In the other option block students have a choice from a wide range of creative qualifications to support their core academic qualifications and their other performing arts subjects.

Example of potential option block subjects

Health and Social
Hospitality and Catering
Sport/Physical Education
Travel and Tourism

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