The academy Chaplain is Mrs Miriam Kearney. The work of the Chaplaincy is supported by members of the CROSS Project, a Schools Work Charity based in Wakefield, and by churches and faith leaders across the city and the Diocese. Chaplaincy welcomes students of all faiths and none and provides a safe and hospitable place in which to explore faith and enjoy time away from the busy academy day. The Chaplain offers several connection points throughout academy life through leading collective and form worship, providing pastoral care, organising our charity and campaign activities, running extracurricular clubs, leading our liturgical celebrations and days of observance such as Remembrance Day, organising retreats, running prayer spaces and contributing to spirituality across the curriculum through our use of ‘Big Questions.’

Our Eco Committee, Charity Committee, Chaplaincy Ambassador programme, and the Archbishop of York Award provide important leadership opportunities for students to contribute to the life of Chaplaincy and the wider academy.

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
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