At Trinity Academy Cathedral, our Year 9 students ‘graduate’ at the end of Key Stage 3. This aims to raise their aspirations and help make students feel more motivated for their upcoming GCSE studies.

At the end of their three-year journey, parents will be invited to celebrate their child’s achievements at a memorable ceremony, complete with traditional cap and gown.

There are, however, a few requirements students must meet in order to graduate. These include:

  • An excellent behaviour record (minimum of 400 net points per year)
  • An excellent attendance record (minimum of 96% over the year)
  • High attendance at extracurricular activities (at least 70% attendance in a club of their choice)
  • Read five books each year from the Graduation reading list
  • Excellent attitude to learning in all lessons (minimum average of 3 stars)
  • A good average score in Masters of Recall.

There are different tiers of Graduation dependent on how many criteria your child meets, ranging from a First Class to a Third.

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Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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