Our Remote Provision

At Trinity Academy Cathedral, we are committed to ensuring that students receive a high-quality education, regardless of circumstances. In the event of extended school closures, we have robust remote learning practices in place as outlined below. The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it unprecedented disruption to education, but our school’s remote learning delivery ensured students continued to learn and they made progress while they were home.

All students have been trained on Microsoft Teams, which is our digital platform for all remote learning. Through Teams, students can access all resources used in lessons (from lessons in school and when learning remotely), attend live lessons, work on assignments, hand in work, and read feedback from their teachers.

It is vital that all staff, students and parents use Teams in a way that is safe, respectful and effective. Please see the Student Remote Learning Contract and Parent Code of Conduct which outline expectations of conduct for students and parents around remote learning and live lessons.

This section aims to answer your questions about our remote education provision, but please do get in touch if you have more specific questions about your child’s provision.

How does my child access lessons when they are learning at home?

In order to access lessons, students need to log in to Microsoft Teams.

If you do not have a laptop, tablet, smartphone or appropriate device for your child to access lessons, please contact school on contactus@cathedral.trinitymat.org. We have already supported a lot of families with laptop and internet access. Although our resources are obviously limited, we do want to ensure all students have access to their lessons live. Please let us know if you are having trouble.

Students should follow their normal school timetable, clicking into their class Team at the time of their lesson.

We believe that live lessons are the best way to replicate the classroom experience whilst students are not able to come to school. This is because they are interactive, we can check for understanding and address misconceptions as they arise.

However, where it is not possible or appropriate to live stream lessons, resources will be shared that students can work through and hand in. Students access these lessons in exactly the same way, logging into their class Team, where the resources will be shared.

If the lesson is being taught live then to access their lesson, students should make sure they are ready in the class Team area at the designated time – the link to join the lesson will be shared when the lessons starts. (For more help on this see the training videos).

During the lesson, students are encouraged to answer questions in the chat function, join in with all activities, unmute to answer questions or take part in discussion, and ask questions when they need further explanation or support.

Expectations for participation and behaviour in online lessons have been clearly communicated to students. All students discussed and signed a remote learning contract. Teachers are reminding students about these expectations on a daily basis. KS3 students have also received training on how to keep themselves safe online.

Students will be set tasks to demonstrate their learning and teachers will expect students to submit their work to show their progress by the end of the lesson. Teachers will make it clear to students how they should submit their work. They may be asked to use email or assignments on Teams, or may be asked to bring it in next lesson when back at school.

Teachers will be following our standard Academy Feedback Policy. This means that students will receive regular feedback from their teachers.

We recognise that sometimes students are not well enough to join live lessons. We do however take registers in all live lessons and keep in contact with parents and carers, to offer support, when students have not been able to log in.


Remote learning can be particularly challenging for some of our students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, and therefore we have ways to utilise the technology to provide specific LSA support for online lessons where students would normally receive this support in schools. Microsoft Teams has a ‘breakout’ room function, and some students will receive 1:1 or small group support from an LSA after the main teacher input, to support them with their independent work.

Please contact our SENDCO Mrs Wilson for more information about our SEND provision: NWilson@cathedral.trinitymat.org

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