Key updates for parents and students 18.3.20

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Coronavirus – key updates for parents and students

Working from home in the event of closure or self-isolation

As you are aware we are dealing with an unprecedented situation which is largely beyond our control. We have already had to act on a partial closure for year 10 and we will review the academy’s ability to run on a daily basis. Although we hope to remain open, we are putting measures in place to support students should we be forced to close. Staff have spent time preparing resources for all year groups to access online.

Today we have held sessions with students in year groups 7, 8, 9, and 11 to explain to them what resources are available and how to access them. We know that some students are absent through self-isolation and of course, year 10 are not in school. Therefore, we want to emphasise to all how to access the resources. Please note that these instructions have been updated since the letter yesterday. Some minor glitches have been fixed.

The quickest way is to go to the Cathedral Academy website and click on the red ‘School Closure Information’ bar at the top of the page. From there, you should see links to Office 365, SharePoint, training videos and other online resources.

We are fully aware that some students may not have access to ICT facilities at home. Therefore, we have asked students in this position to let a member of staff know so that we can send a printed pack with them. If your child is currently off and you are in this position please contact reception and we will post some resources to you.

The expectation of students in any period of closure would be to work on each subject for the same number of hours as they are timetabled. Therefore, students should be working for 5 timetabled hours per day. If any closure is extended, the resources will be added to week by week.

Additional measures for year 11 students

As year 11 are nearing their final exams, there are some additional things in place to support learning as follows:

  • A revision pack will be provided, with revision supplies and an exercise book for any work done over the period of closure.
  • A parental tracker to sign for each day of learning.
  • Staff will e-mail students regularly to give them information, pointers, reminders and updates.
  • Students will be able to e-mail questions to their teachers and will get a response wherever possible.
  • Weekly phone-call from a member of staff to the household – we will ask to speak with the student, to discuss how learning is going and if any further support is needed.
  • The possibility for year 11 students who do not have ICT access at home to loan a laptop.

Our aim is to ensure that in any period of closure or self-isolation, that students have some level of continuity of learning at this important time. Of course, there may be some breaks in service if staff are not well, but we hope to continue this for year 11 throughout a period of closure. Also, should there be any further information about examinations we will endeavour to keep you updated regarding this.

 Overseas school trips

It is understandable parents/carers will have questions regarding any upcoming overseas school trips.  Currently, the government advises against any overseas trips.

We continue to liaise with our insurance companies and the travel companies and will continue to follow future government advice as this is subject to review on an on-going basis.  As such our overseas trips in June and September are not cancelled but are looking unlikely. At this stage however, we are not able to access refunds although this may change over time and we will keep parents informed as any potential trip date draws closer.

Other school trips, enrichment and performances

In light of the current situation all school performances, enrichment sessions and domestic trips are postponed until further notice. This includes Monday and Friday Performing Arts enrichment sessions – please note that we have had to cancel these with immediate effect until further notice. Of course any monies paid by parents for these sessions will be able to be refunded or carried over in due course.

Updates for parents

In the event of a school closure we would endeavour to keep parents/carers informed of any key information and potential dates for re-opening.  Thanks to all parents/carers for their support at this difficult time, we will keep you informed of any updates or changes as they happen.

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